Dr. Nargiz Aliyarova

professor, pianist, president and founder of
National Music & Global Culture Society

Concert at Kaufman Center Merkin Hall

On 7th of May at 7 PM


- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)
- Amir Vahab (national instruments)
- Zara Lawler (flute)

Norwegian-Azerbaijani Concert at Bruno Walter Auditorium

On 24th of April at 7 PM


- Eldbjørg Hemsing (violin)
- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)

Contents Grieg - Sonata for violin and piano N.3
Enescu - Sonata for violin and piano N.2
Borgstrom - Elegie
Amirov - Mugam-Poeme
Melikov - Monologue
Ton Dun - Sonata for violin and piano

“From Azerbaijan with Love“ at Kaufman Center

On 18th of April at 7 PM


- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)
- Dilara Unsal Ozkan (soprano)

Ann Goodman Hall

Concert at Boston Conservatory

On 7th of April at 9 AM


- Melissa White (violin)
- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)

Boston Conservatory

Memory of victims of Khojaly Massacre

On 20th of February at 6 PM

Concert dedicated to the memory of victims of Khojaly Massacre

At Woman's National Democratic Club, Washington DC

Afro-American Composers at St. Mark's Church

On 17th of February at 4 PM

Celebrating music by Afro-American composers.


- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)
- Gizem Yucel (viola/violin)
- Shenika John Jordan (soprano)
- Sterling Elliott (cello)

Concert at German Consulate

On 24th of January at 6 PM


- Eldbjørg Hemsing (violin)
- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)

Garayev's 100th Anniversary Tribeca Performing Art Center, New York

On 25th of November at 7 PM

100th anniversary
of the great Azerbaijani composer
Gara Garayev

Azerbaijani Multiculturalism Lincoln Center Bruno Walter Auditorium

On 18th of November at 4 PM

Concert celebrates the Azerbaijani Culture


- Nargiz Aliyarova

XX Century Russian Music at St. Mark's Church

On 14th of October at 4 PM


- Byungchan Lee (violin)
- Nargiz Aliyarova (piano)

A. SchnittkeSuite in the Old Style for violin & piano, Op. 80
N. MedtnerSonata Reminiscenza, N1, in A minor, Op. 38
S. ProkofievSonata for violin and piano N1 in F minor, Op. 80
S. Rachmaninov – Elegie
S. RachmaninovPrelude in G minor
S. Prokefiev – Sonata for piano N3, Op. 28

Anniversary of the Azerbaijani Democratic Republic

On 15th of June at 7 PM


- Valida Rasulova
- Jeffrey Werbock
- Nargiz Aliyarova
- Amina Figarova
- Bart Platteau
- Nigel Smith

XX Century Azerbaijani Music at Manhattan School of Music

On 12th of April at 10 PM

Pieces from Garayev,

The Biography


New York based artist Nargiz Aliyarova is an internationally performing pianist and professor. Since her first concert at the age of nine she has always been on stage as a soloist, collaborative musician as well as a performer with chamber and symphonic orchestras in 40 different cities all over the world. Nargiz has an incredibly powerful artistic spirit. She talks to the audience at the beginning of her concerts and in between pieces, telling them interesting details about the composer or the pieces. She always invites listeners to actively participate in the concert, emotionally communicating with them through music. During her performance each and every listener receives a breathtaking musical story which keeps them listening intently and empathizing. Aliyarova's repertoire includes pieces ranging from baroque style to contemporary music.

Aliyarova was awarded a diploma for “Outstanding contribution to the legacy of Chopin” by the Government of Poland in 2010. She has produced five CDs, three of which were released by the Belgian Recording company Etcetera.

In 2008 Aliyarova was named a Laureate the Pietro Argento 11th International Competition held in Italy. In the same year she was declared an Honored Artist of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Aliyarova took part in number of International Festivals, including the 48th International Contemporary Music Congress (Darmstadt, Germany), IV, VI and VIII U.Hajibeyli International Festival, “Silk Way”, III and VI Gabala International Festival, “Phonex” (Cologne, Germany).

Aliyarova is an artist with diverse interests and concerns. She is a Doctor of Art and a Professor, author of more than 20 scholarly articles and several books. She has been teaching piano and chamber music at Baku Music Academy for twenty five years and has been a member of Azerbaijan State Piano Trio for fifteen years.

She is the President and founder of "National Music & Global Culture Society" whose goal is to bring people of different ethnic groups together through their national music to global culture. She is also the President of Zonta Club of New York - a global women's organization.

Nargiz Aliyarova's Piano Studio


Dr. Nargiz Aliyarova is an internationally performing musician who is passionate about investing in the artistic development of her pupils.

Professor Aliyarova has over 25 years of teaching experience, she taught at Baku Music Academy in Azerbaijan. She enjoys helping students with various levels of training achieve new heights in their technical mastery and artistry.

She also has been teaching piano as an after school activity at The International School of Azerbaijan for fifteen years.

She taught future professional piano player as well as to amateurs.

Dr. Aliyarova currently maintains a private piano studio in New York City; she is based in Upper East Side.

If you would like more information regarding piano lessons, master classes, and/or studio openings, please contact: aliyarovanargiz@gmail.com

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